Teaching a class

by Jeffrey Carter

I love teaching.  I love seeing the light bulb just popped on look in a student’s eyes, as happened yesterday in class.  I love the discovery of just what will work that particular voice student, or just what approach helps that back-row kid in Music Theory finally understand the next concept.

This term, for the first time since Fall 2001, I’m teaching a classroom course.  (My recent teaching has been graduate seminar focused, or ensemble and applied studies.)  The experience this week is taking me right back to what pulled me into this vocation in 1990 when I first taught a Music Appreciation course at community college.

My section of Fundamentals of Music (MUSC 1000 at Webster University) is filled with musical theatre majors, many of whom have practical experience with no real theoretical underpinning.  We started this week with rhythm as a symbolic language.  I did manage, however, to slip in references to Carol Channing, Kristen Chenowith, Oklahoma!, and the song Johnny One Note.

And I’m LOVING being in the classroom again!

Here’s a shot of four of my new students yesterday before class:

Fundamentals class