Suddenly it’s Wednesday

by Jeffrey Carter

Where does the week?

Without blinking or thinking, suddenly we’re at Wednesday morning.

The rhythm of most weeks for me is front-loaded in that I have a long rehearsal night each Monday.  Tuesday often seems very light after the usual Monday rush of emails and phone calls and fires, then five hours at my applied-music job as a conductor.

Last night, though, I attended a meeting at the Regional Arts Commission office, then ate a late dinner of Middle Eastern fare with the president of the choir I serve as artistic director.  Arriving home at 9.30 p.m., I was ready to stop for the day.

And suddenly it’s Wednesday.  Christine Brewer presents her first master class of the year this evening.  I give an exam in my Fundamentals class today.  Paul Davis’ big welcome reception is tomorrow evening.  I’ll attend Amadeus at the Rep after that.  And Friday evening is the Mahler Fifth at the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra on opening night for them.

All in a week’s work, no doubt.  But is it really Wednesday already?