Joys of a city

by Jeffrey Carter

One of the joys of working in a larger city . . . and of studying in a larger city . . . is the wealth of options for live performance.

At my previous job (a large state school in a nearby state, but located in a county seat city of 65,000) I had to drive an hour or more to experience anything other than a school-produced concert or play.

Saint Louis?  My four previous evenings were spent at something live.  Thursday was a play at the New Jewish Theatre; Friday, the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra (considered one of this country’s best) in their second subscription concert of the season; Saturday, Company by Sondheim at Webster University, with one of my students in the cast; last evening, the Saint Louis Repertory Theatre production of Amadeus.  I had more choices this weekend, but this was all I could fit in.

Elsewhere in town, the Shaw Art Fair was taking place, as was the Taste of Missouri fair at the Missouri Botanical Garden.  The Taste of Saint Louis food fair took place at the downtown Veteran’s Memorial.  Farm Aid was in Saint Louis this weekend.  And the Cardinals played their last homestand of the regular season.

Living in this city is a joy indeed!