by Jeffrey Carter

I spent little time at the office yesterday between lessons and off-campus appointments.

Today . . . gray, rainy, ugly, and off-kilter outdoors . . . has been a workaday kind of day.

I’ve finished a report for my faculty regarding enrollment in one of our program areas.  We’re meeting tonight to discuss some options on how to proceed with a faculty search.

I’ve written several letters, proofed a scholarship program, sent three dozen emails, returned several calls, talked with a half-dozen faculty members about various things, and shared lunchtime with five students over fried rice and Diet Pepsi (the rice ranking among the worst meals I’ve eaten in a long time).

Along with two lessons, three meetings with students, one meeting with a faculty prospect seeking some work, and stopping to chat with the lady who runs my life and keeps me on track . . . this is a usual and customary day!

Mid-terms are this week.  I have a test to prep for my Fundamentals class for Friday.  And more meetings tomorrow to fill up the afternoon.

Brightness, though: Sunday’s Webster University Symphony Orchestra concert was well-attended and very well-received.   My appearance on the voice faculty recital on Sunday was apparently a hit too!