Fall Break

by Jeffrey Carter

One of the joys of the Webster University system is that we know we have a full week off after eight weeks of classes.  The graduate programs and international campuses demand this.  How grateful I am.

I’m supposed to have traveled to Arizona next week, but I’ve postponed those plans.  The rest of the semester will go easier if I a) get some things done here (recruiting letters, prospect follow-ups, NASM work, advising prep, website work, a few make-up lessons) and then b) take some time off.

So, after a busy weekend of performances, rehearsals, and entertaining at home, I’ll come to the office Monday, then work from home on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Four blessed days off from school email or phone will follow.

At this very moment I’m looking at students who are also ready for fall break.  I’m in room 206, giving a mid-term exam in my Fundamentals of Music class.  These kids look ready for rest too.  And my exam is scaring them just a bit!