Arts Schools Network

by Jeffrey Carter


Self-portrait 10/28/09.

I’m in Washington DC right now (actually, in Arlington, Virginia) for the annual conference of the Arts Schools Network.  Webster University is one of the corporate sponsors for this event.  Others include the Kennedy Center, Berklee College of Music, Interlochen.  This is good company to join!

Over the next 2.5 days, Dottie Englis (chair of the Department of Theatre & Dance) and I will visit with those who influence students at arts high schools in the US: principals, counselors, teachers.  This is an awareness-building trip, and a chance to build networks from coast to coast.

One of my great joys in life is travel.  This trip is more business than anything else, but I’m hoping to get to one of the Smithsonian museums tomorrow afternoon for a while, and will surely get to the Lincoln Memorial one evening while I’m here.  Lincoln is a staple for me on every trip to DC.

The self-portrait above is today’s shot from the hotel room.