Real pride

by Jeffrey Carter

I’m always proud of what we do here, but I was especially proud on Thursday at our regular weekly recital hour.

We heard and saw students perform music by Libby Larsen, Handel, Quilter, Cesti, Schubert, Gluck, and Bernstein.  Our sight-impaired student gained a rousing ovation.  A senior voice major gained even more rousing an ovation with a powerful Che faro senza Euridice. Three of my students sang, including the concert closer of I wish I could go back to college from Avenue Q for a little bit of April Fool’s Day treat.

And then the student accompanist struck up ‘Happy Birthday’ in tribute to one of our piano majors, who started off the recital with two voice songs.

We experienced the power of family, of students supporting each other, of music moving us to a better place.  Thursday was a good day to be a department chair.