Last day

by Jeffrey Carter

Today is the final day of class for the 2009-2010 school year.  In just one week I will have completed two years at Webster University.

I attended last evening the final Conservatory production of the year, The Wedding Singer. I’ve never seen the movie, and don’t know the show at all.  I was surprised by the strength of the script.  Most enjoyable for me, though, was seeing two of my own voice students on stage, clearly having fun.  Kyle Acheson had a small role as the eternal groom, and a secondary role as a drunk in a bar.  He sang very well, and as always was great fund to watch on stage.

Jared Lotz, a sophomore tenor, was the lead character.  I was one proud teacher last evening!  Jared popped all the high notes with apparent ease.  He played his own guitar riffs.  He carried every scene, at least in my estimation.

One of the joys of teaching is seeing and hearing your own students improve.  I was filled with joy last evening.

Also yesterday – the annual honors convocation for the Department of Music.  We recognized five outstanding undergraduate seniors who then performed for us as students one last time.  I noticed marked difference from the first time I heard these kids perform as juniors just after I arrived.  Again I note the joy in witnessing growth and change.

Kathy Bowers gives her farewell performance on stage on Saturday evening, with several Bach works and combined choirs.  Endings are abounding right now.

Beginnings are too, with new students enrolling for next year and the recruiting push in full, final swing. The cycle continues . . .