by Jeffrey Carter

I love seeing all the flags of different nations at Commencement, each representing a different country and a different student.  I especially loved today seeing students from various nations holding their country’s flag as the faculty processed into the Muny for the 2010 ceremony.

We honored Dr. Kathryn Bowers today as she enters the next phase of her life, post full-time teaching.  And we celebrated with a large number of Masters grads and about 15 baccalaureate graduates.

This year’s commencement ceremony was a very different for me than last year, simply because I know what I’m doing now, and I know these students much better than I did the students last year.  I will miss seeing these kids in the hallways, and miss hearing them practice.  I’ll miss some of the goofiness and chatter.  But I know that we have new kids coming up, and that the archetypes rarely change much!

Here are some shots from today’s ceremony: