Steinway confirmed

by Jeffrey Carter

Sent Friday to my faculty and staff at Webster:

Dear colleagues,

I am delighted to be able to tell you today that Webster University completed arrangements with Steinway Pianos yesterday to become an All-Steinway School.

This milestone achievement is in large part a recognition of our role in the university and in the cultural and education life of the greater Saint Louis area.  We owe a huge debt to Peter Sargent for keeping this dream alive for several years, and for his persuasive powers with those who manage budgets.  We also owe a debt to Susan Lutz of Steinway Piano Gallery for her perseverance on this project over a number of years.

From the Steinway page: “All-Steinway Schools demonstrate a commitment to excellence by providing their students and faculties with the best equipment possible for the study of music.”

We are only the fourth All-Steinway School in Missouri.  Our new pianos will be installed in CMS 11, all of the Thompson House practice rooms and classrooms, and all faculty studios (except mine, where space is lacking).  Moore Auditorium receives a new Steinway D as the flagship piano for the department.

The next steps include piano selection in New York City on November 2 & 3; delivery and installation of pianos at Webster at the conclusion of Fall 2010; tuning of the new pianos immediately prior to Spring 2011; and an official celebration event during Spring 2011 at a date to be determined.  An official news release will soon be published, and as soon as we take delivery of the new pianos, we will begin using the All-Steinway School logo on all print and Web publications.  Our proclamation to prospects and friends begins immediately, though.

The All-Steinway School designation is truly a major step forward for the Department of Music in our continuing quest for excellence and our push toward a more national profile.

All the best,

Dr. Jeffrey Carter