The future

by Jeffrey Carter

Today’s New York Times conveys an article regarding free-lance musicians and the dearth of work in NYC.  I’m happy to report that free-lancers fare a bit better in the midlands!

One of the points in the article is the current economic climate, coupled with the growth of digital music and the general trend toward outsourcing, has “forced many people to adapt.

“A new breed of younger, social-media-savvy musicians is forming and runnign its own groups, often with innovative programming, concerts in unexpected places – bars, art galleries and museums – and minimal pay.

“‘You do it yourself,’ said Clair Chase . . . .  ‘You don’t wait for people to discover you.'”

We’re talking about this very thing at Webster, and as a faculty we’re in some discussion about how we can best prepare students for a free-lance world.  Many of our students go on to graduate school, but some just want to sing or play or teach or work in other jobs in the arts industry.  We continue to grapple with how to best prepare and position them for what’s next.