Snow day

by Jeffrey Carter

I really should say ‘ice day’ since that’s what today has been.

Webster closed at 3 p.m. Monday.  I left the office about 30 minutes later, laden with a bag of things to work on today at home.

And work I have!

January was a rugged month of happy activity that included opening Spring 2011 classes, attending the state music teachers convention, leading the Concert Choir and prepping new literature and challenges with eight voices, finishing a search for a new Associate Provost, and all the daily activities of life at the office.

We also got word in late December that we are gaining a new faculty line – this one in vocal performance – so we have that search underway.

But today is an ice day.  Lambert Airport was pretty much closed today.  Most of Saint Louis was too.  Students stayed home, and faculty posted on Facebook.

I expect tomorrow will be another day like today.