New faculty

by Jeffrey Carter

How often does any academic department have the joy of adding a new faculty line and expanding the size of the full-time ranks?

Not often!

The Department of Music is growing, though, and we have today concluded the first of three candidate visits.

When a faculty candidate visits to interview for a job, a number of people are involved in making the visit a success.  No matter what the ultimate outcome of the search, each visit is important as all parties put on the best face possible.  We are doing a serious dance, trying to determine ‘fit’ for the job.

The current visit includes meetings with me, the Dean, the search committee, the director of our opera program, the director of the Community Music School, an administrator from Opera Theatre of Saint Louis.  And then interaction with students in a recital, a Q&A session, and a master class.  And meals.  And a social hour.

The pace is grueling, and the stakes high.  We’re all tired after these visits, but none more than the candidate him- or herself.

I’ve been through this ten times myself.  I’m glad I’m planning on staying put for a while!