by Jeffrey Carter

Winter's last gasp, outside of my office this week.

We are now seven weeks away from Commencement.

Life at Webster is rich!

Two seniors received word this week of their acceptance to prestigious graduate programs in voice.  ‘Tis the season for such news.

We auditioned a large number of new students this weekend, too.  And we are delighted with the quality of what we saw and heard.

I continue to hear from faculty that we are admitting better and more talented students in the last three years.  Words like this gladden my heart.  I know that we are moving this department forward – All-Steinway and a new faculty line attest to that.  That we are gaining an even higher caliber of students is joy indeed.

In the midst of auditions, we also are saying good-byes.  We presented a senior recital on Friday evening; many more occur in the next five weeks.

And today, Prof. Daniel Schene plays a piano recital at 4.

Art never stops.  The faces change; the song continues.