The last day

by Jeffrey Carter

Spring 2011 is close to its finish.

Today is the last day of finals.

My morning has been spent mostly on sophomore candidacy work.  All students must pass sophomore candidacy in order to remain a music major.  The candidacy includes performance, writing, aural skills, and disposition assessments in addition to a review of grades.  A number of faculty members are involved in this whole process; yesterday afternoon found five of us in four hours of academic assessments and interviews with students.

So today I compiled the database of decisions, printed off individual sheets for student files, and prepared to present all of this to faculty at 1 p.m. today.  At that meeting we will also review a five-year plan for this music program.  I also this morning dealt with grade changes and recital class grades.

This afternoon, after faculty meeting, I meet with all of these same sophomores to deliver the verdict.  And then help host our Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts honors convocation.

At 5.30 today, the only thing left will be Commencement on Saturday.

Last evening I entertained my musical theatre students for burgers, cheesy corn, chips, and such.  Each kid sang a couple of songs on a house concert; I sang too.  And then we jammed to some Wicked and Avenue Q.  I LOVE these kids so much.

A poor picture of some great students: Audrey, Jacob, Charlie, Lexie, Jordan, Jared.