by Jeffrey Carter

Some years ago, I noticed that many of the female actors on the WB or the CW (or whatever they call themselves today) speak with an over-pronounced, extra-sibilant S.

Here’s an example, at the 0:26 mark and following:

Here’s another, at 0:56 to 1:04:

I don’t recall when this became the norm, but this S is now insidious, and has infected a fourth generation of younger singers who bring this slightly over-hissy S to both speaking and singing.  I hear it in the hallways, in phone conversations, on stage, and in the studio.

And I’m on a one-man crusade to get rid of it and return S to its rightful, true, good, and appropriate sound, as in this arching example:

Or this one, starting at about 7:00 in: