Nearly finished

by Jeffrey Carter

The renovations to Thompson House exterior are nearly finished.

Painters are touching up and finishing tight spots.  Interior storm windows are installed throughout the building. A few more slate shingles are yet to go on the roof.

Quite unexpectedly, we also found painters in the basement this week, sprucing up the student lounge.  I am grateful indeed!

Yet to come: exterior screens, new drapes and blinds, exterior lighting fixtures.

Compare this photo with the exteriors from yesterday:

My office is noticeably cooler, even in this heat, thanks to the new storm windows.  The recital hall, minus curtains, sounds and looks like a gazillion bucks.

Here’s a short video of the recital hall, taken Wednesday afternoon after we put the room back together.

Meanwhile, room 206 is being converted back to a teaching studio after having been a classroom for the last decade or more.  That room was painted yesterday.  New carpet will be installed on Tuesday.  Data drops were finished this week.  Furniture arrives next week too.  And then Martha Hart moves in to her new space!