From Salzburg

by Jeffrey Carter

Webster alums in Salzburg this summer.

A handful of our recent grads are singing in Salzburg, Austria this summer in an opera program.  Word from one of them this week is that Webster rocks.

“Something you can pass along to others if you would like…..Webster Rocks! Seriously, we all came in totally prepared and knew the music, the dialogues and what we were saying. I am so proud to be a Webster Student. We were all prepared and have been easy to work with. It’s so interesting to see how some people have not had it instilled in them to be as prepared as we all were, whether it be in memorization, presentation of ourselves, or translations. In the masterclasses, in particular, there have been so many VERY talented people who sing their pieces so well, but when they start workshopping they don’t know all the details of their pieces, be they dramatic or words. I have just been so proud to be considered a “Webster Kid” here. And I am realizing now, how great of an education I received!”