by Jeffrey Carter

This afternoon, various faculty and students from the Department of Music gathered at Christ Church Cathedral in downtown Saint Louis for a 4 p.m. commemoration concert.

Here is what I spoke at the beginning of the event:

“Ten years ago this morning, monstrous evil struck at the human spirit.  The aftermath has been unthinkable.  In the midst of overwhelming tragedy, we have gone on – surely, faithfully, hopefully.  Today’s remembrances are but another step in this awful and all-too-real journey.

“We join today to heal, to sorrow, to commemorate, to reconcile evil and goodness, desolation and resolution, tearing down and rebuilding.  We do so where words fail, in music and in song.

“We gather in silence, we listen in silence, we contemplate in silence, and after a hug and kind word with a neighbor, we depart in silence.”

‘Twas a moving afternoon.