The week ahead

by Jeffrey Carter

I try not to measure my life by the busy-ness of its days, but rather by the satisfaction of making a difference, making life easier and more consistent for others, and making art happen.

If busy-ness is a measure, though, this coming week is a winner.

This term is filled with riches:

  • A major curriculum revision in my department.  I’ve authored the revisions, and if they are approved on Friday I will have mounds of paperwork to complete in a six-week period.  The beauty of this revision is that we’ll be able to send more students to Vienna to study!
  • I am now co-chair of the university Curriculum Committee.
  • We have a new general education program to be implemented in Fall 2012.  All of the new courses for that are due to Curriculum Committee (the one I co-chair) from all 25 departments on campus by November 29.
  • My own department is reviewing general education courses and proposing new ones.  I’ll supervise the drafting of these proposals and the writing of syllabi.
  • The NASM accreditation response is due in two weeks.  I’ve barely started it.  Each of sixteen responses is taking about two hours apiece to write.
  • Program review of each major in the university, to be completed by April.

We also have an alumna recital this week as Jennifer Johnson Cano returns on Friday night for a 7.30 p.m. performance.  She presents a lecture/talk the following day.  And then Christine Brewer is here for two days early next week.

Curriculum Committee meets this week. Departmental faculty meeting is Friday.