Jenn Johnson

by Jeffrey Carter

Jennifer Johnson Cano, a 2006 Webster alum, returned home this weekend for her second solo recital on campus.

And what a recital it was!

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With her husband Christopher at the piano, Jennifer sang Elgar’s Sea Pictures and Dvorak’s Gypsy Songs, Op. 55, along with an aria from Porpora’s Polifemo and and aria from La clemenza di Tito.

Students at intermission were saying things like “I’ll never sing again, after hearing something that wonderful.”  I know they weren’t meaning that literally, but the simple act of hearing a recent alum – one less than six years out of her undergrad program – sing so fabulously was a thrilling and slightly reality-check event.

I was personally very glad to hear the Elgar, as I taught those songs years ago to Nancy White, and of course love Elgar, but had never heard the entire set in one sitting.  I’m hoping that Jennifer is thinking about doing Gerontius one of these days; she’ll be a great voice for that oratorio by Elgar.

Jenn and Chris greeted friends after the recital, and patiently stood for photos and hugs.

We’re awfully proud of this one!

Jenn and Chris spoke to students and faculty on Saturday about the singer’s life, life in NYC, and working at the Met.