by Jeffrey Carter

I have enjoyed an extraordinary week of happiness and surges forward in my voice studio.

On Sunday, Jacob sang wonderfully well in master class.

My one lesson Monday found a senior Acting major popping high F’s as if he eats them for breakfast.  And he loves the song.  Given where we started three years ago, these pitches he has found are a cause for ecstatic celebration.

One of my Tuesday students wrote me last evening: “Thanks again for the new song and wonderful lesson!  It made for a great rest of the day and a pleasant new outlook for the coming year!”  I can’t buy this kind of happiness.

And then my freshman tenor found sounds and comfort in his upper range that he didn’t know he had.

And today, one of my students shared with me some smile-making news, and another one was in the best humor I’ve seen from him in some time, now that some pressure is off.

All week long, success and growth have been the theme and the result.

Here’s a shot of a student I’ve not seen this week, but will on the weekend.  Jeff is my freshman Musical Theatre major.  We were at a master class on Sunday.