by Jeffrey Carter

The pre-conference workshops began this morning at the annual meeting of the National Association of Schools of Music. And now my brain is spinning with possibilities.

Scottsdale is arid and dry, and I realized today as I was driving to Arizona State University for a college fair just how much of a desert this is!

The business begins tomorrow.  Before I leave here on Tuesday I will have attended:

  • two plenary business sessions
  • Core Music Curriculum Components I: Musicianship, Theory, Composition/Improvisation
  • a reception for All-Steinway Schools hosted by Steinway
  • Management: Matters of Time
  • Core Music Curriculum Components IV: Synthesis: Developing local definitions and faculty engagement
  • Core Curriculum for Music: Strengths and Areas for Improvement, OR
  • Problem-Based Learning: Mandates and Opportunities in Teacher Preparation and Music Instruction
  • Assessing Our Programs for Real Improvement
  • a district business meeting for the multi-state region including Missouri
  • two breakfast receptions

This doesn’t sound exciting, and truth be told, it’s not.  But this is great stuff, and leads me to all sort of thoughts about what we could do better and differently and persuasively.

And I brought work with me, including more curriculum revision items and some faculty development work.  And a proposal that I need to file soon.

My room at the Westin Kierland in Scottsdale has a great view of the mountains to the south.