A new day

by Jeffrey Carter

In my office this afternoon.

The new semester – Spring 2012 – is nigh.  Classes begin in this department in less than 24 hours.

I’ve spent much of the last two days, including today’s holiday, at Thompson House, prepping syllabi for voice lessons and the theory class I’m teaching, catching up on email (and deleting old emails from the Inbox, which is now almost to 450), writing recommendation letters, checking in with voice students regarding this week’s auditions, engaging in some longer-range administrative planning and doing, and so on.

And I sang yesterday the Webster Groves/Rock Hill Martin Luther King Jr. event, which was lovely.

It’s now nearly 4 p.m., and on this MLK Day I am ready to head home, where later this evening my freshman music theatre students will gather for a little welcome back /slash/ late Christmas party.  I am making Jan Richard’s famous Polish Mistakes in hopes of keeping the tradition alive.

I’m ready for life at school to resume again. A four-week break is long enough.