by Jeffrey Carter

I have some tremendously creative students.  One of the assignments this week in MUSC 1010 for Musical Theatre majors (a course I’m teaching for the first time this year) was to develop a four-part canon of increasing rhythmic complexity, making up a text for it too.

Michael D. devised one so funny I just had to share it.  The text:

“Woof woof moo moo moo moo moo moo moo moo (repeat)
Dog cow
He’s a dog cow, not a cat dog
Woof moo moo woof moo moo woof (repeat)
Dogs eat hay and dogs eat pee-ple.  You a dog or you a cow pow!
Woof moo woof moo woof moo woof.  Woof moo woof moo woof moo woof woof!”

This student was obviously an over-achiever, since he wrote a six-part canon.  But we enjoyed performing it today in class nevertheless.