by Jeffrey Carter

Conventions are always filled with unexpected surprises.  One doesn’t know who will show up at the booth.  One doesn’t know how the voice and the energy will hold out.  And sometimes one finds a lovely musical moment or two in the midst of the chaos of the exhibit area.

I unexpectedly saw my dissertation advisor yesterday.  Dr. Paul Laird and his wife were in the exhibits just as I was leaving at the close of the day.  We had a lovely few minutes of catching up.

And my former student Dr. Joseph Perniciaro and I had beverages and conversation at this conference too.

Plus . . . I’m meeting the parents of one of our most impressive new students for lunch today.  Sadly, that meeting is at the airport restaurant, since I’m in transit today back to Saint Louis.

KMEA treats exhibitors right.  Coffee and doughnuts in the morning are followed by a box lunch at noontime.  The exhibit hall has loads of space.  AND it has windows so one can see outside.  (Believe me, this is a rarity.  We often feel like moles when the day is over, not knowing if the sun is shining or not.)

With ten minutes to go, I’m ready to pack up and head home.