Five big recital prep mistakes

by Jeffrey Carter

cropped-blogheader.jpgI’ve been prepping for a meeting today with students who give degree recitals this semester.

My normal teaching style eschews negative example as the first example, but for this one time today I’m thinking of providing a list of ‘Five Big Mistakes Recital-Givers Make.’

That list of mistakes would include:

  1. Not checking TWO calendars.  You must check for room availability (Current Students page) AND the departmental performance calendar. And you must do all of this in steady and regular consultation with your applied teacher AND the program area director.
  2. Not starting program notes early enough and not working on program notes jointly with your applied teacher.  The last thing you wish to do is be re-writing program notes during the few days before your recital.
  3. Not turning in program listing and complete programs in time (no less than two weeks in advance).
  4. Forgetting that all recitals require a full hearing 30 days in advance, which means that all the pieces are ready to go that early (allowing for polishing and tweaking during the month before the recital event).
  5. Thinking that we are bluffing when we remind you that you must follow the rules or we’ll cancel the recital.  We don’t cancel without feeling badly for you and others, but our common lives (especially in Spring semester when we have more recitals each week than we wish to countenance) mean that we must all follow the rules that are explicitly and clearly laid out.

Full details for recitals are in the Webster University Department of Music Handbook.