At the office

by Jeffrey Carter

carter2016-1This is day four at the office since returning from 10 days away.

And on this day, finally, I am hearing lots of life in the building.  Paul is practicing across the hallway.  Kim at his desk.  John is teaching a guitar lesson down the hall.  Someone is tuning a piano somewhere. Carla is upstairs in her office.  Three people are working in the departmental office.  And I keep hearing noise in the hallway.

This is wonderful…..

We have MUCH going on this semester!  I am posting here the calendar for Spring 2016, minus the student degree recitals. SP16 grid This spreadsheet is current as of today, but the official departmental calendar is always posted at  Seek complete information at the on-line calendar!

We have also just announced the visits of three candidates for the open voice position.  These visits all take place in the next two weeks.

And this semester we welcome three new students who have officially declared a music major, plus one new graduate student.

And now back to work . . . .