It’s happening

by Jeffrey Carter

Cromer - 19

From two weeks ago, by the North Sea in Cromer, UK. Holidays are over now . . . .

It’s happening.

Another school year.  It’s happening.

Yesterday I stopped by the apartment of a new faculty member as he moved to town.

And I dealt with computer needs for two new faculty members!

Today I see a new student who is starting one of our new majors.  Meanwhile, two other new students in this major are arriving in town to search for housing.

Faculty started showing up yesterday, as we take the August journey toward the first day of classes.  I saw or talked with or emailed back/forth with six of my colleagues yesterday.

Letters are going out this week to a number of Fall 2017 possible students — a testimony that the work of filling the classes never ends, and must in fact be a 365-day effort.

Today I’m reviewing enrollments, checking schedules of my advisees, dealing with some personnel matters, prepping for two meetings tomorrow, and trying to get through the 100+ emails I let build up whilst on holiday last month.

Another school year. It’s happening.