Roles I play

by Jeffrey Carter

I was thinking this week about the various roles I played in one particular day at the office.

Here’s the list, broadened to include the entire week:

  • gardener
  • human resources officer
  • career counselor
  • janitor
  • publicist
  • graphic designer
  • curriculum expert
  • whipping boy
  • budget manager
  • personnel director
  • hiring officer
  • resource specialist
  • proofreader
  • futures planning officer
  • composer
  • voice teacher
  • music director
  • accreditation specialist
  • cheerleader
  • recruiting officer

In the past week (my first at the office since June 30), I saw every one of my full-time faculty members save for the one who is still on holiday, plus a half-dozen contingent faculty members.

And I dealt with mounds of stuff that needed dealing!