Convocation 2016

by Jeffrey Carter

We convoked our new school year today.

With 120+ students enrolled as music majors, and with 13 full-time faculty and over 70 contingent faculty, we are a mighty force this year.

The event: our annual Fall Convocation, on Thursday of the first week of classes, in Moore Auditorium.

Some of my comments welcomed new faculty and students:

In the last four weeks, Dr. Stuart Hill has moved to a new town, taken up his first full-time college teaching gig, successfully defended his dissertation, and had a big birthday with a zero at the end.  He joins us from Michigan State, where he was most recently a teacher and student completing his Doctor of Philosophy degree.  Dr. Hill will teach courses in choral music and music education.  

Prof. Carole Gaspar’s retirement left a big vacancy in the faculty, after her 40+ year tenure.  We are delighted to welcome Dr. Jacob Lassetter as Associate Professor of Voice.  Dr. Lassetter has most recently served, for ten years, on the faculty of Luther College in Decorah, Iowa.  This summer he participated in an opera program in Robbiate, Italy.  His Doctor of Musical Arts is from University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. 

We have welcomed this year four students in the new program in music-directing, the first-in-the-country Bachelor of Music in Music Direction for Musical Theatre.  These four students are each already busy in theatrical work in Saint Louis.

Along with the Songwriting degree, new last year, we now have ELEVEN possible degree tracks in the Department of Music.  And a 12th is on the way . . . .  As we open this year, we celebrate this growth — and the presence of new students from Illinois, Texas, Kansas, California, Louisiana, Georgia, Arizona, Arkansas and Missouri!!  

As usual, I had the camera out before the Convocation, and we did some beginning-of-year shots of students:

We also celebrated the recipients of our endowed scholarships:

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