From a Big Ten

by Jeffrey Carter

Indiana University’s president has issued a strong condemnation of the US President’s recent immigration actions.  

While Webster is not a research-oriented institution, the rest of his statement is apropos.

Webster is a proponent of global citizenship.

IU has this to say: “We will conduct all of our actions in pursuit of our enduring mission: to educate our students for active, engaged and committed citizenship, prepare them for public service and contribute to the building of civil society around the globe.”

And earlier today, I wrote to an alumnus in regard to my own employer’s official statement: “But we also have a moral and ethical responsibility to pursue justice, to speak truth, and to engage the minds and hearts of our charges (as you and many others once were) in truly ‘global citizenship.'”  

We professors must be bold and courageous, leading the charge from the moral high ground.  Our civil society depends on people of good character and global view leading the way.