Friday in NYC

by Jeffrey Carter

I am in New York City today with 53 Webster University students and a half-dozen faculty colleagues.

On Sunday, these students and three faculty members sing at Carnegie Hall.

We arrived yesterday, and promptly set the students free.  Some flocked together, and others set off on adventure.  I’m seeing happy Facebook posts today that include last evening activities such as the Metropolitan Opera, Miss Saigon on opening night, and other Broadway shows.  And diners.  And clubs.

One of our juniors hits 21 today, so he apparently had a party after midnight.

As I write, the scholar/artists are in rehearsal at a hotel a block away, prepping a Schubert work for Carnegie on Sunday.

As for me?  A morning in the hotel working on school paperwork online, and then lunch with an alumna.

And last evening, The Play That Goes Wrong!