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From the Chair of the Department of Music, Webster University in Saint Louis


My favorite photo from Opera Scenes last weekend….

Viktor tries in vain to remove Brittany’s shoe, while Tadgh laments his plight.  Hilarity ensues. So does love.

La Bohême, Act II —OperaScenes_2017_Prelim-31.jpg

One more performance

Opera Scenes goes up again today (Sunday, January 22) at 2 p.m.

Final performance!

Don’t miss these witty, funny, gripping, and entirely human stories in music!


Jennifer, again

We are so proud of our alumna Jennifer Johnson Cano!


Ant chow

Ant Chow.

Words I never thought I’d read or consider.

And yet consider I did this past week, as I sat on a panel with six other colleagues at Webster University, determining the results of funding applications for the Messing Award and the Faculty Research Grants, 2017-2018.

Some of the grant applications made total sense to me, but other took me a while to decipher.  One grant had to do with ants, and of course ants in a lab need ant chow.  Another had to do with bees, while another related to Armenian history, and another dealt with the history of the Silk Road in China.

I learned a great deal from serving on this panel, and I am continually amazed and energized by the breadth and depth of the work my colleagues do!


Two news stories

Cameron White and the premiere of his new choral work:

Danielle Feinstein on the local FOX affiliate:

A lovely note

From a colleague on the contingent faculty roster:

“Another semester nearly in the books, yet it’s still as much fun to teach as the first time around!  Thank you for leading an extraordinary department that pursues excellence while caring for people.”

Cheery holiday thoughts, indeed!



David Werfelmann

We celebrate a new work created by Dr. David Werfelmann, Assistant Professor and Director of the Bachelor of Arts in Music program!