From the Chair: Music@Webster

From the Chair of the Department of Music, Webster University in Saint Louis

Two to NATS

Sicily and Brittany are headed to the national NATS competition. Take a look!

Jennifer Johnson Cano


We continue to marvel at the success of our alumna Jennifer Johnson Cano, BM ’06.  Her recital this past weekend at the Morgan Library in NYC won rave reviews from the New York Times.

I love following her career and seeing her go from strength to strength!

Here’s the  review in the Times.


The new Interdisciplinary Science Building is under construction.  The folks are saying one year from this summer and it’ll be done!

Take a look at an animated timeline:


Carole Gaspar

We celebrated Carole Gaspar yesterday, as she nears the end of her full-time teaching career.

They were freshmen

Linda Gurney, mother of our wonderful bass player Andrew, took a super photo at a jazz combo concert this month.

Here are six junior jazz performers, all of whom entered Webster at the same time, and who have been gigging and learning together for three years now.  They are bright, confident, talented gents indeed!  They represent composition, music education, jazz performance, and jazz/music technology majors.

L-R: Zach Fendelman, Ben Stitzel, Jack Catalanotto, Matt Ingram, Andrew Gurney, Aaron Brown.


Thompson House

Thanks to Alice Nelson for this wonderful photo of our home, Thompson House!


Thursday recitals

Most weeks during the regular semester, several students take the stage at noon on Thursdays for our weekly recital hour.  Today’s recital included five singers.  Last week’s hour was taken by Barry Manilow.  The week before, we had a piano solo, some singing, and a violin solo.

Here are shots from today of Alyssa Stephens and Heather Hamilton introducing their songs.  Both are music education majors. 


Barry Manilow

Barry Manilow.

THE Barry Manilow.  He was on campus yesterday to spend an hour with theatre and music students in a question/answer session.

The man was funny, charming, serious.  He said some things that we all need to hear.  And he sang exactly one lick for us.

MI-16-248 Music Flier _ April

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